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Lucy B's Kinky Coils

The Revival ~ Hydrates, Strengthens & Detangles

The Revival ~ Hydrates, Strengthens & Detangles

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Marshmallow Root Extract:

This powerhouse root is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, it helps to calm frizz, reduce breakage, and promote overall hair health.

Strengthens and Fortifies:
Our unique blend of ingredients works together to strengthen hair strands from within, providing a strong barrier against product and styling damage.

Gentle Detangling:
Melts knots and tangles effortlessly as it glides through your hair, preventing breakage which helps to retain length.

Hydration Boost:
Infused with hydrating herbs, it replenishes moisture, leaving your hair feeling soft and revitalized. It's the perfect balance of moisture without leaving any greasy residue.

UV Protection:
Safeguard your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays with built-in protection, helping to maintain color vibrancy and prevent sun damage.

Versatile Usage:
Suitable for all hair types, this leave-in conditioner is a versatile addition to your hair care routine. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair.

Lightweight and Non-Greasy:
This formula is light enough for daily use and won't weigh down your tresses, leaving you with airy, touchably soft hair. It's also great for hydrating protective styles.

Use & Benefits

Shake well. Spray evenly on cleansed damp hair from root to ends. Massage in and detangle gently with fingers or Detangling tool of choice. Do not rinse out, style as desired. CAN BE USED ALL HAIR TYPES. ~Great for refreshing protective styles

Ingredients: Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis), Herbal Blend, Ayurvedic Infused Oil, Glycerin, Fragrance-Essential Oils, Preservative.

NOTE: The product color may slightly vary as natural ingredients are used to create this product. This does NOT affect the results or performance of the product.

All-natural NUT FREE product
- Not tested on animals.
- No sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, silicon, petroleum, artificial colors.

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